Classic Cars March 1999
Practical, stylish and a good choice for classic kudos on  a budget. The handling is assured, the interior is well appointed and will easily carry four adults, what are you waiting for?
CLASSICS  September 1999
3 way comparison with Daimler Dart and TVR350i
The Stag's one of those designs that's instantly pretty. If I wanted a V8 powered grand tourer with plenty of poke and good handling, I'd take the Stag, which looks a bit of a bargain
CLASSIC & Sports car November 1998
The Comeback kid Stags are in the good books again
As a grand tourer it's close to ideal, offering a comfortable 2+2 cockpit in a stylish skin
For: Creamy V8 burble, upmarket looks, easy to drive, most have been properly sorted
Against: rust, complicated structure, engines need cosseting
Classic Cars April 1998
"The stylish and versatile V8-engined Stag has transcended it's dodgy reputation to become one of the most sought-after Triumphs of all"
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practical CLASSICS  March 1998
In a four way shootout of four 4 seater convertibles (Scimitar, Peugeot, Thunderbird and Stag) the Stag got the verdict: a car for touring grandly needs smoothness,  performance, cornering ability and a rich mellow character "the Stag comes closest on all counts"`
Classic Cars November 1997  50 Great cars under 10000 pounds
"a sports car for the family man ... Stag is a superb compromise among classics