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In pure engineering terms the Stag was under funded and developed here are some modificatiuons:

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Strengthen the Diff nose piece two pieces of 1/8th plate parallel to the tube (on the sides) from the front flange to the sub-frame flanges.

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Strengthen the front suspension drag struts top and bottom with 1/8th inch plate where the bolt goes through (about 2" long to stop just before the anti-roll bar knuckle).

Polyurethane suspension bushes
Lowered and or up-rated springs
Koni, Boge or Spax shock absorbers


  Tubed rear subframe to prevent bolt holes elongating

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We have devised a high temperature warning device. This uses an industrial quality sensor on the top hose, and a small black box fitted inside the car which gives audible and visible warning. There is a self-test button and It has only 2 wires to connect. (Contact TSR for details)

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A fan cowl

Fit a water take-off pipe to the rear of the Right Hand head (a blanking plug is already there) and make up a copper tee piece into the heater send pipe. This allows both heads to send hot water out to the heater system. This was explained to me as the reason that Right Hand heads are so expensive, they always ran hotter than the Left Hand head (which had the heater take off) and thus warped when the engine overheated.

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An electric fan (Kenlowe)

Electronic ignition: e.g. Lumenition

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A stainless steel exhaust