Bonnet Release
Coolant flush
Engine rattles
Travel checks

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These pages will try and provide some help
This information is provided by people a lot smarter than me (except for the treatise on rust) and has also been culled from the Stag digest. There are also links to follow

Quick tips

Rust prevention No time to change the Antifreeze?
Cooling system flush (courtesy TSR) add a replenisher which renews the corrosion
Travelling ? inhibitors until you can
Emergency hood/bonnet release
Engine noise or rattling? Shine: maintain your paintwork by using a glaze, to hide fine scratches, then a good carnuba wax
"Technica" published by Stag Club of America (in the early 80's) coutesy of Mark Weir

Cooling system    Steering rack    Carburettors   Ignition    Choke  Warp eliminator

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