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Beauty is only skin deep

For most mortals (including me) buying a car is a large purchase, so don't make an expensive mistake
Do your homework: read and ask
Get expert help
Be patient!: compare
Lets face it buying a Stag is an act of worship, logic has very little (nothing?) to do with it. You want one and that's it

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No I am not going to repeat what others have (better) said before, try the following guides:

Text and detailed   at VTR, lots of other info

Lots of photos  nice pic of yellow Stag

Buying + checklists   courtesy TSR

A mini guide

Specifications, history. paint and trim codes courtesy TSR

The Alternative guide (warning humour)

Few of us have the time, skill and money to undertake a restoration project, I wish I had all of these, so view the purchase with complete detachment. Also bear in mind that, roughly, you get what you pay for, a more expensive car may turn out to be much better value.
There are cars around which look gorgeous, but beware all may not be well. If you are not an expert (I thought we all were) get an opinion (you can find Triumph specialists in the classic magazines) I managed to get a thorough inspection for about 50 from someone who knows the Stag's foibles. Even if you do it all perfectly be prepared (have money available) for the unexpected.

Tricky subject but I am going to stick my neck out (no hate mail please)
There is no doubt that colour affects both desirability and value but we are in a slightly different scenario in that fashions change and originality is a factor. Having said that the STAG definitely looks better in some (mainly brighter) colours. So here is my list grouped into three categories:

Good        Yellow, Pimento red, Tahiti Blue, Dark Green

See the colour gallery

Average   White, Dark blue, Carmine red
Bad           Brown, Magenta, Java green