There's always something!

and this car is no different. The previous owner (thankyou Simon) had spent a lot of effort and folding stuff so that mechanically, interior and trim wise the car is in very good shape. pe00078a.gif (1449 bytes)
That just leaves, you guessed it, the bodywork
There are a couple of small dents on the boot/wing where some tools fell on the car, the lower rear wings are beginning to bubble, the drivers side interior windscreen pillar needs attention
Since my welding skills are limited, a very poor ashtray c.1977, it's time to find the local tame expert (Stag menders will never be out of a job) and I intend to find one locally
Surgery January 1998

This is proving more difficult and expensive than I thought but I have now found someone.

E. Sedgwick of Alun Road, Ipswich, UK please take a bow. He was repairing vintage cars when the Stag was new and owns a couple of Riley's. Gave me a lift back to work in his 1943 2.5 4 cylinder Riley

Now it's time to do the cooling system flush, general grease bits and waxproof the car Neat weld
July 1998
All the above now done, bruised knuckles to prove it. The cooling flush took a lot longer than estimated

I have also flatted the paintwork (some orange peel) with 1500 wet and dry, loads of water then rubbing compound and T cut afterwards. This was really worth the effort and even my wife commented on how shiny it was then pointed out, quite rightly, that I had missed the lower rear deck!

When I purchased the Repair and parts manuals I also got a detailing (damn good clean) book. This makes interesting reading and having done the chrome have noticed that the front bumper is much poorer quality than the rear, more money


Completed so far . . . .

Lower rear wing repair, dents in bootlid, hole in sill
Restored burr walnut facia
New hood bolts, rear side trim panels
Engine breathing back to standard
New Spax rear shocks
Fixed hazard, turn flash rate
Tubed rear subframe
Strengthened diff nose
Reinforced front tie rods

set.jpg (4010 bytes)

October 1998

Took the car for a tune on a rolling road. Ray has been around and one duff spark plug, replaced coil and disabled rev limiter (which was causing misfires above 4000 rpm)  things were looking a lot better

The result: 156bhp!

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