Driving the 100 miles home was uneventful except that I nearly tried to change into fifth gear which is actually reverse.

Needless to say I did not use the radio but delighted in the bark of that V8. I was also surprised by the number of creature comforts and the handling and ride were both very good. Compared to some modern dross I was amazed by the refinement from a late 60's design.

I knew there was a reasonRev it!

These initial thoughts have been proved correct, it does not rattle, handles well, which could have something to do with the uprated springs and gas shocks. I must find a standard Stag for comparison

A colleague drove round the back roads the other day and commented on the "flat bark" when the engine was revved. This is attributable to the tubular exhaust manifold
int.jpg (7777 bytes) We've been out with the kids which is a great thing (show me how the lid comes off daddy!) but you do realise that it gets quite windy in the back: hats on
A beautiful day: out comes the Stag to drive the 20 miles to work. 6 miles later I hear a hiss that I have never heard before, looked straight at the temp gauge and almost simultaneously turned the engine off.. Steam and water poured from the vee. In work by 10am even after recovery and 120 for a failed water pump seal. I had just changed the antifreeze and oil! but it could have caused a lot more damage heads.jpg (11521 bytes)

Not a view you would want to see